Three Refrigerator Care Tips


Your refrigerator may be one of the largest and most important appliances that you own. Unfortunately, you might not fully appreciate the benefits of regularly maintaining this important appliance. To this end, you may want to consider a few simple refrigerator care tips to keep it safe from some of the more common issues that your refrigerator might experience over the time that you own it.

Prevent Dust Build-Up

Dusting the refrigerator may not seem like a very important task, but large dust accumulations can have a serious impact on the performance of your refrigerator. This occurs because the dust may act as an insulator for the condenser coils and heat exchanger. When this happens, the refrigerator may struggle to work, and this can be especially noticeable during the hot summer days.

You can help to protect your refrigerator from this problem by regularly pulling it away from the wall so that you can clean the back and the ground where it rests. To clean the back of the refrigerator, you should unplug the unit and wipe down the exterior as well as any coils or vents with a cloth. Additionally, you will want to vacuum the floor where the refrigerator was located, and if possible, you should use the vacuum on the bottom of the refrigerator.

Clean The Ice Dispenser

If your refrigerator has an ice dispenser, it is important for you to regularly clean this part of the unit. In addition to keeping it sanitary, this will also help to ensure that your ice's taste is not compromised by contaminants. You can use a toothbrush to gently scrub the ice dispenser so that you can remove any mineral deposits, dirt or dust that may have started to gather.

Clean And Inspect The Door Seal

Air leaks can be a serious problem for your refrigerator to encounter. While this problem will cause your energy bill to dramatically increase, it will also contribute to your food spoiling faster by raising the internal temperature of the refrigerator.

You can help to avoid this problem by regularly cleaning and inspecting the door seal. When cleaning the seal, you should use a damp cloth to vigorously wipe away any dirt or dust that may be present. When cleaning the seal, you should also inspect it for signs of wear and tear. Often, this may include cracks, weakening adhesives and tears. If you find these problems, you should hire a professional to replace the seal because it can be easy to incorrectly apply the seal, which could cause substantial issues for the appliance.

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15 June 2016

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