3 Ways To Improve Ventilation In Your Restaurant's Kitchen


Restaurants that rely on the building's HVAC system to deal with the sweltering humidity that can build up in the kitchen will find the system soon overwhelmed. Chances are, your system is not powerful enough to lower the humidity levels and recirculate the air to keep the room cool enough for your staff. Therefore, it is important to look for ways to improve your kitchen's ventilation. Here are a few suggestions. 

Install a Ventilation System 

Since your HVAC system cannot efficiently control the humidity in your restaurant's kitchen alone, a ventilation system is necessary. The system will consist of several components, including exhaust hoods. The system has to meet local health and safety codes, so review the regulations before deciding on a system.  

The needs for the system vary based on the size of the kitchen and the appliances that are operational at any given moment. To ensure you select the appropriate system for your kitchen, consider contracting with a ventilation service. Professional advice can help you avoid buying a system that is too big or small.  

Use Fans 

In addition to installing a ventilation system, the use of fans can help lower the humidity. The fans will help circulate air and can provide bursts of cool air to your kitchen staff. If you do opt to use fans, you have to be careful with the placement to avoid injuries.  

For instance, you can place a fan on an overhead, but you need to ensure that the base is stable. If not, the fan could fall without warning. A fan that is placed near a work area should not face directly towards a workstation. The air from the fan could blow items off the workstation and create a safety concern.  

Move Your Appliances 

The placement of your appliances plays an important role in the heat buildup in your kitchen. When the appliances are incorrectly placed, the flow of air could be hindered. The air could become trapped in certain areas and heat will build up in others.  

There are several adjustments you could make to the placement of your appliances, including pushing them against the wall. The placement will close any gaps that are between the wall and the appliance, which will allow air to circulate through the kitchen better.  

Work with a professional ventilation service to learn of other ways you can improve the air circulation in your commercial kitchen. 


29 May 2017

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