Washing Machine Not Spinning? Troubleshooting Tips


A washing machine that isn't spinning can cause some issues for you when you're trying to get your laundry done. If it isn't spinning, your clothing is not getting as clean as it should be. Soap will not get rinsed from your clothing properly and the water will not drain from your clothing, leaving you with soapy and sopping wet clothing. See below for some troubleshooting tips if your machine is not spinning.

Reset The Machine

Resetting the machine can be done by unplugging it for at least 10 minutes. After unplugging it and then plugging it back in, open and close the door quickly a few times. Turn it back on for a small load with it empty to see if it begins to spin again. If it doesn't, move on to the next step.

Check The Lid Switch

If you have a top loading machine, there is a lid switch that tells the machine when the lid is closed and when it can begin spinning. The machine will turn on when the lid is open and can agitate, but it will not spin with the door open. Test the switch by removing it completely and then testing the wires to be sure there is power to it. Check your manufacturer's instructions to see how exactly you remove the switch. If you have power to the switch wires, put the switch back into place and test that it is working. If the machine is still not working, it could be a belt.

Check The Belt

Your machine has a motor that is belt driven to allow your machine to spin. If it isn't spinning, the belt could be to blame. In a top loading machine, check first to see that there isn't anything wrapped around the agitator. Smaller items such as socks, shirts, or undergarments can get wrapped around the base of the agitator causing the machine to not be able to spin. If you check this and there isn't anything in the way, check the belt.

Look at your manufacturer's instructions to see how to get to the belt in your machine. If you see the belt is slipping, cracked, or otherwise in bad shape, it may need to be replaced. If this is the case, call a professional washing machine repair service for help replacing this part of your machine. A repairman has the know-how and tools to get this job done and your machine working as it should again.

If your machine is not spinning, troubleshoot the problem using the tips above, but don't attempt any difficult repairs on your own. Call a professional repairman for help instead.


23 January 2018

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