3 Troubleshooting Tips For Your Top-Load Washing Machine


From clothes and undergarments to bed linens and towels, your washer and dryer are an important part of your home and family's needs. Unfortunately, most people do not place much time or energy into maintaining these appliances. Considering that replacing a washing machine can cost between $250 and $2050, learning how to maintain and troubleshoot issues that may affect this appliance is essential. With this guide, you will have a better idea of how to correct a few common problems that can affect your top-load washing machine.

1 February 2017

How To Rehabilitate Your Ailing Washing Machine


All seems lost for that mainstay of your home, your formerly-trusty washing machine. Instead of the reliable, effective, smooth-running helper you've known and loved for many years, you now have a noisy, inconsistent, cantankerous device that leaves you with a wet floor or clothes that feel unclean. You could buy a whole new washing machine, of course, or suffer the inconvenience and expense of regular trips to the laundromat. Or you could rehabilitate that errant washing machine by finding and fixing the cause of the malfunction -- which could be easier than you think.

12 April 2016

A Cold Morning Doesn't Always Mean A Call For Heater Repair


Waking up to a cold house is not a good way to start your day. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that your heater is to blame. Before you call an HVAC tech, check these items to see if you can avoid a service call. Your wallet will thank you. Replacing a Broken Thermostat A broken thermostat can easily masquerade as a different kind of problem. Depending on the issue at hand, your heater might not come on at all, it might only turn on it the wrong temperature or the blower might run without producing any heat.

27 January 2016