Is Your Microwave Not Working Properly? Common Problems That May Be Repairable


If your microwave is not working correctly, you may be ready to toss it out and purchase a new one. Microwaves are relatively affordable, so many people opt for this route. But many of the problems that occur with a microwave can be fixed relatively inexpensively by a microwave repair service. Here are a few common problems that you may be experiencing with your microwave that can affordably be repaired. 

The Touchpad Is Not Responding

If you go to press the buttons on your microwave and nothing happens, yet you are sure your microwave has power, your touchpad is not responding. The most common reasons for this to happen are a bad membrane switch or a problem with the control board. Fortunately, both problems are relatively small and affordable to fix. Fixing the cause of the problem will help to ensure that your touchpad will work for you once again. 

The Tray Won't Turn

If the tray in your microwave isn't turning, your food may not heat up evenly. This may cause you to think that it is time to ditch your microwave in favor of a new one. If your tray won't turn, the first thing you should do is remove the tray and the roller guide, or the part under the tray with wheels, and clean the roller guide. If food or grease is stuck between the wheels, they may not turn. If that does not solve the problem, the drive motor may need to be replaced. 

The Microwave Isn't Heating Up

If you turn on your microwave, pull your food out at the end of the cycle, and your food is still cold, your microwave may not be heating up. You may think that this signifies the death of a microwave. But this problem is actually fairly common and fairly easy to repair. If the microwave is not heating up, the problems often trace back to either a defective magnetron or a dead high voltage diode. Having a professional replace the defective or dead part will allow your microwave to heat things up once again. 

There are many problems that you may encounter with your microwave. If your microwave is fairly new and in relatively good condition, many of these problems are cheaper to repair than it would cost to replace your microwave. Contact an appliance repair service to learn more about what problems can be affordably repaired in a microwave. 


30 October 2017

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